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5510T (45 Ton ADT Chassis)

The Caterpillar 745C articulate truck chassis is used as the platform for mounting 4 steel track packs. With superior floatation and a top speed of 16 mph this unit provides unbeatable production in 1100 ft or less hauls.  Even large jobs have some short haul dirt so this fits well into a fleet of 745C scraper trucks and haul trucks. 

  • The tracks and drive line design enable this unit to self load in a very wide range of material and can also be push loaded when faster times in the cut are desired.
  • Patented undercarriage design provides quiet ride despite steel tracks travelling 16 mph.
    • Sprocket to bushing is the ONLY point where steel to steel contact occurs
    • Unique curved track links match perfectly with the poly covered idlers. This smooth engagement between link and idler eliminates "track slap" noise and vibration. Links do not contact rollers or any steel components.
    • Poly track rollers ride on the back of the track shoe providing wider support with the 34" or 38" shoes.
  • Three levels of suspension include "walking beam" design, charged accumulator for each track pack, and standard 745C suspension.
  • Very high component commonality with 745C truck means Cat dealer mechanics are already prepared to work on the machine and almost all parts are already stocked by the dealer.

Standard Metric
Engine Model Cat C18 Acert  
Gross Power SAE J1995 511 hp 381 kW
Bore 5.7 in. 145 mm
Stroke 7.2 in. 183 mm
Displacement 1,106 in3 18.1 L
Overall Width 12.5 ft 3.81 m
Overall Length 30.25 ft 9.22 m
Height 13.35 ft 4.07 m
Total Weight 72100 lbs. 28,349 kg
Fuel Tank 145.3 gal 550 L
Cooling System 23.7 gal 90 L
Hydraulic System 36.9 gal 140 L
Engine Crankcase 13.7 gal 52 L
Transmission 19.8 gal 75 L
Final Drives/Differential 1.3 gal 5 L