Mobile Track Solutions
203 Johnson Street, Elkader, IA 52043

MTS disks are designed to almost eliminate time consuming maintenance and enable simple disk replacement in the field.  The 11 X 32 is 11 ft wide with 32 inch disks.  The entire unit is American made in Elkader, Iowa.  These disks are ideal for speeding up the drying of the work area and mixing material in the fill. A good match for tow vehicles in the 225 to 375 hp range.

  • Individual disk blade mounting means the cumbersome "gang" of old design disks is eliminated and individual disks can be easily replaced in the field, just like changing a tire.
  • Fully sealed, oil bathed hubs and tapered roller bearings eliminate hand greasing of disks and significantly extends disk life. Wow, a disk with no zerks to grease the blade bearings !
  • Designed to handle 673 lbs per blade, the ground breaking capability of the 11x32 far exceeds competitive designs that are frequently in the 300 to 400 lbs per blade.
  • Built with Hardox steel, fully welded with no bolted joints, and spindle and hub assembly built to withstand 20,000 lbs are just a couple indicators of the durability built into MTS disks.
  • Standard hydraulic lift capability improves maneuverability and reduces stress during operation.

Standard Metric
Overall Width 11.4 ft 3.47 m
Overall Length 23.9 ft 7.28 m
Height 7.375 ft 2.25 m
Total Weight 11,532 lbs 5230 kg
Weight Per Blade 721 lbs 327 kg
Minimum HP Required 300 hp 223.71kw
Hitch Pin Size 1.5, 2", or 2.75 in 3.81, 50.8mm, or 6.99 mm
Hydraulic Circuts Required 2  
Blade Diameter 32 in  
Blade Type Serrated  
Blade Spacing 17.75 in  
Axle Capacity 20,000 lbs  
Standard Tires 425 65R 22.5  
Max PSI 3000 psi  
Hitch Pin: 1.5", 2", or 2.75"    

11 x 32 Brochure