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This ISO 28 yd heaped scraper is designed as a construction pan and not just a scaled up version of an agriculture scraper. It is the perfect match for the 3630T(Tracked) or 3630(Wheeled) tow tractor.  Other features include:

  • Four triple piston caliper brakes 
  • Factory available sideboard package increases ISO heaped rating from 28 yds to 31 yds.
  • Lengthened tongue moves more weight to scraper axle providing more evenly distributed loaded weight.
  • Four- 26.5R25 tires provide excellent flotation.
  • Ejector rollers conventionally mounted in the protected position on the bottom of the ejector. 
  • Apron hydraulic cylinders strategically placed to provide easy top loading capability. 
  • Scraper bowl hydraulics protected within pan side walls and not subject to external damage.
  • Conventional enclosed hub and spindle design enables easy access to tires without worry of rear frame interference.



Scraper Bowl    
  Eng. Metric
ISO Capacity 28 y 21.41 m
ISO Capacity - Sideracks 31 y 23.7 m
Width of Cut, To Router Bits 157.5" 400 cm
Capacity Struck 15.5 y 11.85 m
Max Depth of Cut 6" 15.2 cm
Ground Clearance @ CE 26.5" 67.3 cm
Apron Opening 75" 190.5 cm
Bowl Cylinder Bore 7" 17.78cm
Bowl Cylinder Stroke 17" 43.18 cm
Apron Cylinder Bore 4" 10.16 cm
Apron Cylinder Stroke 34.25" 87 cm
E1 Cylinder Bore 5" 12.7 cm
E1 Cylinder Stroke 60" 152.4 cm
ISO Weights    
Empty Weight 35980 lbs. 16,320 Kg
Distribution Empty (tongue) 23%  
Distribution Empty (Axle) 77%  
Distribution Loaded (Tongue) 25%  
Distribution Loaded (Axle) 75%  
Brakes and Tires    
Brake Type Dry Disk  
Calliper Quantity 4  
Tires Quantity 4  
Standard Tires 26.5R25  
Width (Inside of Bowl) 154" 391.16 cm
Width (Outside Rear Tires) 154" 391.16 cm
Width (Outside Bowl) 165" 419.1 cm
Height (Overall Shipping) 110" 279.4 cm
Height (Floor to top of Ejector) 82" 208.28 cm
Height (Sidewall) 42" 106.68 cm
Length (Floor) 59" 149.86 cm
Length (Max) 38.8' 11.83 m
Length (Tire to Push Block) 45" 114.3 cm