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3630 Switchback

Construction-grade tractor

Another INDUSTRY FIRST from Mobile Track Solutions with a 630HP tractor capable of towing straight tongue and gooseneck scrapers!  We’ve taken all the systems we’ve been refining on the 3630 and carried them over to this new SWITCHBACK platform.  Equipped with the CAT C18 Engine and CAT TA22H Transmission this unit takes CONSTRUCTION GRADE to a new level!

  • Gooseneck application applies up to 10,000 lbs of weight transfer to the front tractor axle, increasing power to the ground and tractive effort.

  • This unit meets Tier IV requirements.

  • Large cab, unique positioning of exhaust and Tier IV package provide unparalleled visibility for the operator.

  • Built as a true CONSTRUCTION GRADE machine the 3630W SWITCHBACK features: 

    • ROPS certified to construction standards

    • Decelerator pedal common on almost all construction vehicles

    • Cold weather starting package

    • Heavy duty VEP Stucchi hydraulic couplers

    • Construction grade wiring harness

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