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Construction-grade tractor

This construction-grade tractor far exceeds the production, reliability, and durability of leading agriculture tractors found on construction sites.  Equipped with CAT C18 engine and CAT TA22H transmission, the 630hp exceeds that of Ag tractor manufacturers who try to modify their field tractors for pulling pans in construction.

3630T_Product Brochure Image_edited.jpg

This unit meets Tier IV requirements.

  • Articulated steering eliminates the side slope and turning problems (and forces) experienced by tractors with single, long rubber belts.

  • Large cab, unique positioning of exhaust and Tier IV package provide unparalleled visibility for the operator.

  • Heavy duty rear axle designed to accept an industry leading 34,000 lbs of vertical hitch load.

  • Four lower undercarriage rollers straddle the centerline of the final drive case and provide "walking beam" suspension. 

  • Built as a true CONSTRUCTION GRADE machine the 3630T features: 

    • ROPS certified to construction standards and not Ag standards

    • Decelerator pedal common on almost all construction vehicles.

    • Cold weather starting package

    • Heavy duty VEP Stucchi hydraulic couplers

    • Construction grade wiring harness

  • Development of prototype units supported by Caterpillar OEM Products Group and included:

    • Over 12 weeks of testing at the Caterpillar Peoria Proving Ground

    • Incorporation of CAT parts for maximum serviceability

    • Electronics and engine packaging (including tier IV final) coordinated through Caterpillar Tech Center

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