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ADT LGP Conversion Kit

With the ADT LGP kit from MTS your ADT will have superior flotation in the toughest underfoot conditions. Learning from our earth moving sister company, MTS has found the need for a wheel kit that will bolt onto a standard ADT and offer more flotation for poor underfoot conditions. Now with Dual 23.5R25 on each axle the MTS LGP kit drastically increases footprint of the standard ADT allowing for superb flotation. Along with the added flotation of the dual tires, the smaller diameter tire increases the torque by 14% giving an added benefit to scraper applications.


Benefits Include:

  • Increased flotation in poor underfoot conditions

  • 14% increase in torque

  • Wider footprint increases stability of truck on slopes

  • More ground contact area improves traction

  • Less pumping in the fill and on the haul road

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