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ADT Hydraulic Tailgate

A concept to fix an age old issue; the broken tailgate buried in the bottom of the pile.  The MTS hydraulic tailgate kit mounts onto 740, 740B, and 745C trucks.  This kit allows the gate to open to 90 degrees before the loads begins to lift.  This keeps large rocks, boulders, stumps, and other debris out of the way of the gate.  The hydraulic cylinders also eliminate the bouncing of the gate while the box is going down with the truck in motion.


From many of our customers, this allows the additional payload of the tailgate without the added headaches of maintenance in the field.


The MTS design also utilizes high tensile strength steels for wear resistance.  The cylinders are specifically designed for this application to cushion at the end of the extension in order to take additional stress of the assembly.

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