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Truck-Towed Scraper

This ISO 42 yd heaped scraper includes the addition of 12 inch sideboards.


  • Higher sidewalls and a narrower bowl.

  • Best used in applications where flotation is not an issue.

  • Two 37.25R35 tires provide 14% larger diameter tires for lower rolling resistance. 

  • Ejector rollers conventionally mounted in the protected position on the bottom of the ejector and not on the top of scraper sidewalls where they would prevent side boarding and be subject to damage when pan is top loaded.

  • Parallel rear frame design keeps push block at constant height. Blade of Push Cat automatically maintains contact with scraper.

  • Two stage ejection system maximizes force during the first 75% of ejection and faster speed during the final 25% to "throw" the material out, eliminating carry back.

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