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ACMOC Meeting

MTS opened its doors Saturday, March 30th to welcome over 60 members of the Iowa Chapter of ACMOC.  ACMOC is dedicated to assisting and educating its members, and the general public, to appreciate the historic role of Caterpillar® machinery in shaping the world.

The group had a chance to learn more about MTS, and how Caterpillar OEMSG plays an integral part in the product that MTS produces.  This was followed by a meal, and a tour of the MTS factory floor, but the best was reserved for last.  The group had an open door access to the C.J. Moyna & Sons private collection of antique Caterpillar dozers.  At the top of the favorites list was the 1923 Best 60 fully restored.

MTS has always cherished the hard work that has gone into establishing the industry that we're currently in, and look forward to more ACMOC meetings into the future.  More information on ACMOC can be found on their site:

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