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Always Learning

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Early in my career I had a manager that made a huge impact on my future. I’m not sure if he knew the impact he was making at the time, but his message still sticks with me today. He put me in a workstation next to the highest caliber Engineers on our staff and the message was simple, “if you want to learn you will pay attention to what is going on around you”. I turned into a sponge and tried to soak up as much as possible. The best lesson I learned was that all these high caliber resources were all still learning themselves, and better yet, willing to admit when they were wrong.

Fast forward a few years and I’m fortunate enough to be working with the team at Mobile Track Solutions. This company is founded on the principal of learning, adjusting, and refining as we grow and move forward. Our staff is comprised of great people that want to win and are humble enough to know we have plenty to learn. We are fortunate to work with ownership that is still learning right along with us. I’m lucky to be able to interact with leadership from the top dealers in the world and my goal is to learn something new in every interaction.

My belief is the day I stop learning is the day I have given up, and I never want that day to come. In the technology age we are in, it is easy to plug in earbuds and live in your phone. I challenge you to ditch the earbuds, set technology aside for a while and see what the world is offering to teach you today!

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