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Celebrate the Wins

Thus far 2021 has provided many challenges, almost by the minute. When you pair the challenges of supply chain, work force shortages, and constant commodity price increases with strong company growth, we’ve had our work cut out for us. Once the team overcomes one challenge, we are already taking steps to overcome the next, which involves discussing and executing not only plan B, but plan C and D as well. It can be exhausting and challenging for your mental state. The negative creeps into your mind and that’s where your focus lies, it’s a slippery slope. A slope everyone at some point is challenged to navigate. How we choose to navigate it is the important part. Am I going to let go and slide or dig my heels in and catch myself?

In today’s world, we often spend too much time pondering the negative aspects and we don’t take the time to celebrate wins. It’s too easy to look right past those wins and move our attention to the negative side of things and consequently, the wins are quickly forgotten. Our focus goes right back to the challenges or what’s not working, and the win is now a distant memory. We’re right back on the slippery slope. What I must remind myself of personally and professionally is while challenges are often stressful, they push you and make you a better and stronger person. The challenges will always be prevalent. There’s no straight-line path to success, there are curves and bumps all along the way. We must embrace the challenges and never forget, if even just for a moment, to celebrate the wins and dig those heels in!

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