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Growth + Change at MTS

Growth is hard for companies and humans alike. Growth is closely related to CHANGE and change is very difficult.

We’ve recently experienced phenomenal growth at MTS and I wanted to take some time to share what I see through my position as Sales Manager. The growth we have seen hasn’t just been increasing sales by x percent, that’s easy, anyone can have a blip in sales for a short period of time, sustaining it sets you apart. The growth that I am seeing is much bigger than that. I am seeing our product lines mature and GROW in features and reliability. I am seeing our Customer base GROW due to the increased reliability and support from our Dealers. I am seeing our Dealer Network GROW due to the increased customer base and support from MTS.

I stepped into this position 3 years ago and had no clue what to expect. I came from the services industry and had never sold a tangible item in my professional career. I jumped in headfirst and I am pushing myself to continually GROW by travelling regularly to meet operators, equipment managers, owners and dealer management to understand how we can continue to GROW to meet their needs. To manage effectively from the road, I have watched our Sales Team GROW to become more independent and ensure our focus is to shorten the time from customer introduction to customer transaction by providing value. Most rewarding of all this development is watching my colleagues GROW as they work to stand behind me to ensure our customers and dealers are supported to the highest level!

GROWTH is not easy but when you have a common goal in focus and committed teammates, it is incredibly rewarding! I am extremely fortunate to be a part of this MTS team and am excited for the growth that lies ahead.

Make no mistake, this GROWTH is far from over and we need to get better in plenty of areas, however, in this journey called life we also need to slow down and celebrate a little growth every now and then!

To all my teammates at MTS - THANK YOU for supporting everything I have put in front of you!

To all of our customers – THANK YOU for taking a chance on MTS even when you barely knew who

we were and for pushing us to get better, please never stop pushing.

To all of our dealers – THANK YOU for partnering with MTS to expand our distribution and support network!

To John Moyna & Ownership Family – THANK YOU for taking a chance and allowing me to be a part of this GROWTH!

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