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Manufacturing Day 2015

On Friday October 2nd. MTS once again played host to a MFG DAY event.  The day was divided into sessions.

Session one took place in the morning and it involved 204 students from local high schools.  The students and their instructors toured the MTS facilities and participated in an interactive parts scavenger hunt.  The objective of this first session was to introduce the kids to the  many professional opportunities available in the manufacturing sector (particularly MTS). A survey revealed that 100% of our employees have a high school diploma, 35% graduated from a 2-year post-high school program, and 20% have been awarded a college degree or higher. The main purpose for session two was to open the doors of MTS to the public. We always enjoy showing off the innovative products our employees produce .  The feedback to both sessions has been very positive.  MTS employees represent the best of our company and community.

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