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Spring Start Up Tips, Tricks & Reminders

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Now that Spring has sprung, dirt moving season in the Midwest will be here before we know it. Ensuring your equipment is ready for operation prior to your start date is necessary to maintain machine performance, longevity, and safety while operating. Here are some helpful tips and reminders as you are preparing for operation.

Follow the Operation of Maintenance Manual. Section 5 will give you all the information you need to know about MTS equipment. If the O&M Manual is missing from your unit, contact to get a PDF copy provided to you at no cost.

Conduct an Inspection with the CAT Inspect App. This should be done prior to your start date. Through the CAT Inspect app, you can assign inspections, rate needed repairs, and much more!

The Electrical System in our Tractors is 12V. Always ensure you are ordering and installing 12V parts from Caterpillar for engine and tier IV components. Installing the wrong parts will lead to machine breakdowns.

Do not use the inching pedal during normal operation. The inching pedal should only be used for “inching operations” such as hooking or unhooking the scraper. The inching pedal is not a brake! Improper use of the inching pedal may lead to heat damage in the transmission. If you are failing to use the inching pedal correctly, the transmission ECM will log a 1484-7 code which identifies the machine is being operated improperly.

Transmission Stall Protection. When the engine is lugged below 850 RPM for longer than one second, the tractor will automatically shift to neutral. When this occurs, the transmission ECM will log an E395 (Transmission Stall Condition) code signifying the transmission went into protection mode.

Breathers. It is always crucial to change breathers at the correct time, as these are often overlooked. Fuel Tank Breathers and Axle Breathers only need to be changed as needed. The Hydraulic Tank Breather must be changed every 1,000 hours. The Transmission Breather must be cleaned every 250 hours and replaced every 1,000 hours. If your engine air filter is plugging, so are your breathers.

Inspect Track and Undercarriage thoroughly. Keeping a well-maintained undercarriage ensures long life and minimal downtime. Always ensure the drive wheel scrapers are installed and adjusted correctly. Build up on the drive wheel can lead to the tracks becoming over-tensioned, causing damage to the inner carcass and drive lugs. Each undercarriage has a reversible drive wheel scraper. If one side is worn enough and can’t sustain the 1/8” gap, it can be flipped over. It is also important to clean out all material from the mid-rollers to prevent lockups and flat spots.

We hope these friendly reminders will help prepare you for the upcoming dirt moving season. If you have further questions regarding spring start up or any other questions about our equipment, contact or message us on our website.

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1 Comment

Brian Wronke
Brian Wronke
Apr 27, 2022

Love your products but do you have any scale diecast models of what you sell? I am a huge fan of scrapers in general and like the evolution of moving dirt. Just want to have it in my scale sizes as a collector of yellow iron,1/32,1/50 AND1/64 please. Thank you for your time.

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