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What Great Leaders DO DIFFERENTLY

In all facets of the business we are in from production & manufacturing to the dirt moving profession, managing our human capital is essential. Overseeing every team member’s work product day-to-day and ensuring we meet our target dates is a constant daily task for Leadership. I’ve outlined below what great Leaders do differently which results in their teams working together effectively in order to meet deadlines, stay safe, and build trust.


Great Managers and Supervisors are present! I don’t just mean arriving to work every day and punching-in on the timeclock… I mean present in front of their employees. Great Managers work “side by side” their employees and are seen in the actual workplace/workspace where the work gets done. For some Leaders that might be in the office working elbow-to-elbow in software programs, or making customer calls together on the phone, for others it means our supervisors and managers are on the production floor working with the employees and actively seeing how our product gets made, assembled, or serviced. Present leaders who work with their employees know what is happening - why it is happening, and how it is happening by all of their team members.


Great Leaders Listen! Hearing is just the physical act of hearing sounds, but listening means paying attention, and giving consideration. Hearing is the easier of the two… its involuntary… no conscious effort is required. Its automatic. When you listen you need to give thoughtful attention. It can require practice and requires you to focus. Great Leaders know they need to give undivided attention to listening and not just hear what their employees are telling them. In order to become a better Listener here are some things you should consider –

  • Focus. Stop what you are doing or what may be distracting you and give your undivided attention to the person.

  • Don’t interrupt. Avoid finishing sentences or talking over the person who is speaking.

  • Don’t listen with the intent of responding…. If you are doing this, then you are already not providing thoughtful attention to what the person is saying. Clear your mind and listen to what the person is telling you.


Great Leaders Act!. They take action, they solve problems, they deliver to the best of their ability. Through just the two qualities listed above (Being Present and Listening) a Great Leader is already positioned to show action to their employees. Providing a response and showing action is likely when employees start to build trust and respect. Things get done.

All three of these qualities take time and patience. They are skills that need to be practiced over and over. Rarely what is best for the employee (or the customer) is the easiest path for Leadership to take. It’s a rough road of constant awareness, presence, listening and taking action. Ultimately it requires more time from the Leader to invest into their teams, it can be exhausting and equally rewarding. Great Leaders know this dedication of time and do it, which will always set them apart.

Tasha Henkes, Human Resources

Mobile Track Solutions

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