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BuildWitt Experiences Earthmoving, 60 Years Apart

Aaron Witt and his BuildWitt Crew recently traveled the country, visiting 30 states in 5 weeks. During their fourth week of the BuildWitt Roadshow, they traveled to Iowa to encounter the true MTS Experience. While in Elkader, they completed a tour of Mobile Track Solutions' facilities, checked out the Earthmoving Legacy Center, and experienced the rich history and positive future of earthmoving.

Mobile Track Solutions' 3630 Wheeled Switchback Tractor pulling a 23-28XL parked wheel to wheel with a Cat 660 and Cat 650 scraper.

On Wednesday, the day was filled with observing the manufacturing processes, learning about the rich history of earthmoving, and witnessing new and old machines in action. Alongside the 3630 Switchback and 23-28XL scraper, a 1963 Cat 660 and 650 Scraper were in action as well. Early Thursday morning, the group traveled to a nearby jobsite to see a fleet of MTS equipment moving dirt.

It was a great time hosting Aaron, Angel, and Jack from BuildWitt! We are grateful they made the stop while in the Midwest!

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