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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Did you know that October is National Manufacturing Month?

Mobile Track Solutions is a manufacturer of construction-grade equipment solutions, such as scrapers, disks, rollerblades, and more. Our 160,000 sq. ft. manufacturing campus employs over 130 individuals in both production and non-production roles.

The fall colors provide a beautiful backdrop to Mobile Track Solutions' facilities in Elkader, Iowa. Our 160,000 sq. ft. manufacturing campus employs over 130 individuals in both production and non-production roles.

On Thursday, September 29th, Mobile Track Solutions opened our doors to local students and educators for our first Experience Manufacturing event. Each year, we celebrate National Manufacturing Day by offering tours and sharing what we do within our factory in Elkader. We welcomed over 160 students from local school districts to tour our facilities and learn more about the specific career opportunities available right here in Northeast Iowa.

Ryan Bergan, Industrial Technology teacher, along with a group of students from Central Elkader stop for a photo in front of a completed MTS 3630 Switchback tractor.

Students were welcomed to the factory and toured around by our Senior Leadership Team, where we explained who we are, what we do, and the opportunities available to high school students. Tour guides for the day were Tasha Henkes (Human Resources Manager), Jamie Scherf (General Manager), Phil Rausch (Sales Manager), Chris Lansing (Warehouse Manager), Mike Murray, and Taylor Bockenstedt (Marketing Director).

Throughout the day we highlighted three key areas of our business, which happen to also be jobs that we are currently hiring for and will continue to be in high demand over time. Our welding, machining, and fabrication teams shared the process of how blueprints are read and the process of how sheets of steel are bent, cut, and welded together to create a product. We then traveled over to our paint and assembly area where students were able to walk into our new paint kitchen, view freshly blasted and painted scrapers, and see the fully assembled products.

Additionally, our product support team shared full schematics prints and prepared a display that compared the weight of our tractor’s engine and transmission to that of a pickup truck. It was a great day at MTS, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to share the many career paths that are available right here in Elkader, Iowa!

As we strive to provide additional opportunities to those who choose to stay in the area and start their careers, we’ve found that bringing the future workforce in is the key to getting their foot in the door.

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