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Sprout Internship Program

This summer, Mobile Track Solutions welcomed six exceptional college students to the MTS family! Each intern brings his or her unique talents and skills to our team. Recently, all six of them reflected on their experience while interning at MTS.

MTS launched the Sprout Internship Program this year to provide an opportunity for students to gain hands-on knowledge about their future related fields. Today on National Intern Day we celebrate these six interns!

Left to right: Easton (Engineering Intern), Eli (Engineering Intern), Kenzie (Human Resources Intern), Grace (Vice President Intern), Carson (Parts Intern), Justin (Engineering Intern)

Easton is one of our engineering interns this summer at Mobile Track Solutions. “Now, I’m actually doing what an engineer does and it’s nice to see what they do on a daily basis. The best part about my internship is the ability to see what an engineer does every day. I’ve been given my own project for CONEXPO and getting to make prints for all sorts of things,” Easton noted. He continued, “I’m super grateful for this internship because it’s given me valuable experience that I will use in everyday life and in my future engineering career.” Easton is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Iowa.

Eli attends the University of Iowa as an Industrial Engineering student. “I chose an internship at Mobile Track Solutions because it is fairly close to home. It’s a growing company that is in manufacturing which is the field that I’m planning on going into,” Eli described. “It is a very good experience for a younger engineer like myself to build my portfolio and gain experience by doing stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to do everywhere else,” Eli, an engineering intern, explained when asked why he chose this opportunity at Mobile Track Solutions.

“I’m looking forward to all the upcoming projects because they are pretty cool. We have lots slated for the future and I am excited to work on those,” Kenzie said when asked what she is looking forward to during the remainder of her internship. “All of the aspects of everything here are awesome! The opportunity to come here and be welcomed is amazing. If you ever have the opportunity to take an internship here, don’t overthink it. Just do it,” Kenzie recommends. Kenzie is interning in our human resources department this summer and will be attending Northeast Iowa Community College in the fall to major in Business Administration.

Grace is our Vice President’s intern this summer. During her internship she has worked with a variety of departments throughout the company, “I’m able to work with our friends in the warehouse, HR, marketing, and more. It covers a broad range of topics that I get to learn more about.” Grace attends Wartburg College and majors in Business Administration with concentrations in marketing and management. “Especially coming from a college background right now, I’m learning a lot of things in a classroom. It’s easy to read about something in the classroom and be lectured about it for an hour. Until you get into a job, and you get that hands-on experience, you don’t know what’s happening in your field. This internship has been so eye-opening for me, has shown me so many different things, and now I know this is the track I want to be on for my career,” Grace closed.

Carson is interning in our parts department this summer. He enjoys working in a real-world business atmosphere. “My favorite part about this internship is meeting everyone and making those connections,” said Carson. He continued as he reflected on meeting the employees and being welcomed, “Being a small company, the culture is very friendly and inviting. You meet a lot of people right away. You don’t feel like a number, you feel like a member of the MTS family.” Carson is an Aerospace Engineering major at Iowa State University.

“The more time you can spend in the industry, getting actual experience working with everyone, the better. I would highly recommend it. It has been highly beneficial to me!”, expressed Justin, an engineering intern. Justin described this internship as an opportunity because it is what you make of it. “You are going to get out what you put into it. There is as much work as you want to do, it’s neat how they let you jump right in and get your feet wet. If you want to tackle something heavier, they are happy to turn you loose on it,” Justin described. Justin is an Agricultural Engineering major at Iowa State University (Power and Machinery Option with an Agronomy minor).

Do you want to grow with us? Stay up to date with information about our program by following our socials! Mobile Track Solution’s Sprout Internship Program is open to high school or college-aged students who are looking for hands-on experience in their dream occupation. We offer opportunities to work alongside Engineering, Human Resources, Business, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and more! Be on the lookout for when applications will be accepted for 2023 Summer Interns.

National Intern Day is celebrated annually on the last Thursday of July to recognize the future leaders of our world.

“The interns of today, are the leaders of tomorrow.”

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