Mobile Track Solutions
203 Johnson Street, Elkader, IA 52043



  • Heavy duty structural components
  • Bolt together modular Frame
  • Simple, Single-center pivot point
  • Zero grease zerk design
  • Category 4 Pintle Hitch with 360° Rotation


Tip & Towers

  • Proprietary replaceable tip design
  • Design creates "Dirt on Dirt" wear points
  • Solid 1045 Steel towers increase service life
  • Designed to meet many Civil Engineering Specifications
  • No hard surface welding required to maintain life



  • Innovative design allows for easy cleaner adjustment
  • Cleaners produced with Hardox™ 600 abrasion resistant steel
  • No hard surface welding required to maintain life



  • 48" diameter x 48" length x 2 drums
  • Utilize large oil bathed bearing packs for drum rotation
  • Designed to add liquid ballast into drums