Mobile Track Solutions
203 Johnson Street, Elkader, IA 52043

The Caterpillar ADT truck chassis is easily converted from dump body configuration to scraper power unit.  The ADT chassis can now be optimized for a variety of applications from easy scraper dirt (why load 18 inches of top soil with an excavator) to shot rock (in which a conventional scraper would never be used).  One asset, one investment, one chassis for multitude of applications.

  • Adapt ADT truck chassis for scraper use with one time conversion kit.
  • Convert back and forth between truck configuration and scraper configuration using only 2 men in 4 hours. First conversion takes slightly longer.
  • Where ever an empty ADT dump body track can travel, a fully loaded scraper can maneuver. Adding the scraper axle and positioning load correctly results in back 3 axles (when fully loaded) carrying less weight than the standard ADT front axle.
  • Conversion kit includes additional hydraulic filter to ensure any dirt in scraper system does not contaminate truck hydraulics.